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Tempe DUI Defense Attorney

Charged with DUI in Tempe?

Tempe law enforcement is determined to arrest and charge all drunk drivers in the area, and are particularly zealous in their efforts to get DUI drivers off the streets and highways in the area. If you have been arrested and charged with a DUI, this is a serious legal situation. Arizona has enacted some of the most severe DUI penalties in the nation, and if you are convicted you will be facing jail time, community service, a suspended license, alcohol treatment programs and possibly an ignition interlock device being installed in your vehicle. Each case is individual and the penalties will measure against certain factors including your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level, previous convictions and whether an accident or injury occurred. If you have been arrested and charged with any DUI charge, it is critical to contact a Tempe DUI defense attorney to protect your rights.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Tempe

At the Law Offices of Joshua S. Davidson, your DUI defense lawyer Mr. Davidson, is prepared to fight aggressively to defend clients who are facing such charges. As a former Maricopa County prosecutor, Mr. Davidson is extremely knowledgeable about the inner workings of the prosecutor's office and how they will proceed to try to convict you of the charge. Attorney Davidson will thoroughly review your case and the evidence against you and determine how best to defend you on this serious charge. There are often defense options in any such case, and in many instances, the charges are dismissed due to the defense actions employed by your attorney. It is vital that your case is reviewed immediately after your arrest and prior to making your plea. With the experience and knowledge of how DUI cases "play out" in court, Attorney Davidson can advise you on your plea and what actions can be taken to protect you.

Do not proceed in any DUI case without legal representation. You can be proactive about the situation and fight your charge, depending on the circumstances of the arrest, charge and evidence against you. Some cases may need negotiations on your behalf in order to reduce charges or penalties. Whatever your situation is, Attorney Davidson can advise you quickly as to your options, and will provide you with outstanding criminal defense in DUI charges.

Contact Tempe DUI Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson if you have been arrested and charged with drunk driving or any DUI offense in Tempe.

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