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First Time DUI

Tempe DUI Lawyer Fighting Your Charges

Being arrested for driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol (DUI) can be a very intimidating and stressful experience, especially if it is your first time facing this type of scenario and you are unsure about how to proceed with your case. DUI is a crime that the state of Arizona and its prosecutors take very seriously, so you should not take your charges lightly, even if you do not have any previous DUI convictions. All it takes is one DUI conviction for your life to be negatively impacted. For example, you could end up receiving penalties such as probation or jail time, expensive fines, loss of your driving privileges and more.

The first thing you should do after a DUI arrest is to obtain the services of a skilled Tempe DUI attorney. By doing this, you can greatly reduce your chances of getting convicted of your charges. Attorney Joshua S. Davidson can use his years of experience, including his experience as a former prosecutor, to help you fight your charges both inside and outside the courtroom.

Arizona DUI Law Regarding First-Time Offenders

According to Arizona law, it is unlawful to drive or be in physical control of a vehicle when one is impaired by a drug, an intoxicating liquor or vapor-releasing substance that contains a toxic substance, even if the impairment is to the slightest degree. A driver also commits DUI if he or she has a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or more (or 0.04% or more for a commercial driver).

A first-time DUI conviction is considered a Class 1 misdemeanor, with the offender being subject to the following penalties:

  • At least 10 consecutive days in jail
  • Fine of up to $250
  • Assessment of $500 for the prison construction and operations fund
  • Assessment of $500 for the public safety equipment fund
  • Possible performance of community restitution
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device

In some situations, the court might lower the jail sentence to one day in jail and probation if the defendant successfully completes an alcohol or drug education, screening or treatment program. Failure to complete this program can result in the defendant having to complete the full jail sentence.

Understanding Your Defense Options

There are many ways to effectively challenge DUI charges. It might be possible to show that errors were made during your field sobriety tests, or your breath tests or blood tests, therefore leading to wrongful charges. Or, it could be possible to show that while you had alcohol in your system, you were not actually impaired and you did not surpass the legal limit for drinking and driving. Contact Attorney Davidson's law firm to receive a free consultation and learn about the best DUI defense options for your case.

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