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Tempe Aggravated DUI Defense Attorney

Charged with Aggravated DUI in Tempe?

There are several reasons why a DUI charge is ramped up to "aggravated DUI". This occurs when the individual charged has had 2 prior DUI convictions within the past 7 years, or when they are caught driving with a suspended, restricted or revoke license and are found to have an illegal blood alcohol concentration level (BAC .08% or higher), or had a child in the vehicle and then were arrested for drunk driving. This is considered to be a very serious charge, and the penalties enacted by the Arizona lawmakers reflect the seriousness of the offense. For example, if you are convicted you will face the following penalties:

  • A minimum of 4 months in imprisonment
  • Huge fines as high as $150,000
  • 10 years maximum probation
  • 3-year revocation of your driver's license
  • Installation of an ignition interlock device on your vehicles (at your expense)
  • Forfeit of your vehicle in many cases

If you are facing an aggravated DUI charge, it is crucial that you get legal representation immediately from a Tempe aggravated DUI defense attorney. Without legal representation you risk serious damage to your life and your future ability to work, drive or even care for your family, as you may be spending a third of your year in state prison.

Aggravated DUI Defense Lawyer in Tempe

As with any criminal charge, there are often strong options for the defense of your case if you were arrested for drinking and driving. There are instances in which the arrest did not follow correct police procedure, or the testing done on your BAC level was administered wrongly. It could be that there was no actual "probable cause" in the police stop that led to your arrest. All of the possible options must be fully explored by Attorney Davidson to determine how best to defend you of the charge. In some cases, a negotiation can be made to reduce the charge or the penalty. Each case is completely unique and must be thoroughly reviewed in order to discuss your options. It is critical, however, that this discussion takes place immediately after you have been taken into custody in order to quickly move to defend you and get you back on track.

Contact Tempe Aggravated DUI Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson at once if you have been arrested and charged with Aggravated DUI.

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