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Tempe DUI Attorney

Charged with DUI in Tempe?

Facing DUI charges in Arizona is a serious matter. The penalties for any DUI conviction are extremely high in our state. Not only do you face the potential loss of your driver's license for an extended period of time, you may also spend time in jail or prison, depending on whether you have previous DUI convictions on your criminal record, and the circumstances of your case. It is crucial that you contact a Tempe DUI lawyer immediately if you are facing such a charge.

Whether you are facing criminal DUI charges of extreme DUI or super extreme DUI, even for the first offense, you will need the legal help of an effective DUI defense attorney. These charges are to be taken very seriously by prosecutors in Tempe, and they will push for enhanced penalties in any situation they see fit. At the firm, Attorney Joshua S. Davidson represents clients in all types of driving under the influence charges, including underage DUI, aggravated DUI, DUI accidents and vehicular manslaughter. He can use his years of experience as an attorney and as a prosecutor to investigate the field sobriety test, breath, and blood tests that were administered at the time of your arrest. Furthermore, he works aggressively and quickly to put a case together before the MVD hearing to dispute the suspension of your driver's license. To learn more about the charges you are facing and to get aggressive defense counsel, call the office today.

DUI Defense Lawyer in Tempe

The possibility of getting your case dismissed or the charges reduced could seem impossible, but with a thorough review and evaluation of the evidence against you, there are often defense options that could greatly improve the outcome of your case when represented by Mr. Davidson. Attorney Davidson is a former prosecutor in Maricopa County, and has the background to understand how both sides operate in any DUI defense. This knowledge of the inner workings of the criminal court process is invaluable to clients facing any drunk driving charge, event the most serious and dangerous criminal charges such a vehicular manslaughter.

There are two separate and crucial parts to the DUI process in our state. There is the criminal charge, which is dealt with in court. This is the part of the case that must be aggressively fought through use of powerful defense strategies. There is also the critical aspect of the MVD (Motor Vehicle Department) hearing. This is an administrative hearing to determine if your license will be suspended or revoked, and is separate from your criminal charge.

Many clients do not realize that your attorney can represent you at this hearing and fight on your behalf. When you are represented by Attorney Joshua S. Davidson, the outcome of your MVD (DMV) hearing could result in you maintaining your legal right to drive. These two aspects of your case must be managed closely and carefully, and to increase the likelihood of a good outcome, it is crucial that your defense begins immediately after your arrest, and prior to making your plea of "guilty" or "not guilty". Yes, you have been arrested. No, this does not mean that you must be convicted of any DUI charge.

Contact DUI Defense Attorney Joshua S. Davidson

With the assistance of the aggressive, dedicated and knowledgeable representation from the Law Office of Joshua S. Davidson, you can rest assured that your case will be a priority. Attorney Davidson will seek out defense strategies to fight for you and every legal defense effort will be made on your behalf.

Contact a Tempe DUI lawyer today for a free evaluation of your case.

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